A Test Which Brings Critical Power To The Masses


What do you get from the test?

This testing can quantify your maximum aerobic power, your sprinting ability and your anaerobic capabilities in as little as one training session. 

Is this an FTP test?

No. An FTP test is simply performing a 20 min maximal effort, which predicts what is thought to be your average power output for 60 mins as well as providing rough training zones. These, to our knowledge, are not evidence-based nor do they give detailed information about your physiological capabilities (for example, your sprinting ability or your anaerobic capabilities).

Why is testing so important? 

We believe that performing a power profile test is a pre-requisite after any power meter purchase. To quantify the metrics a power meter produces, you firstly need to gain an understanding around your current physical conditioning. The Crimson Performance power profile test does exactly that. It provides you with performance benchmarks after each test you do. Allowing you to maximise your training time, as well as, adapting your approach to training to get results fast.

OK – so I have done the test. Now what?

You can either train using the zones and power targets provided, or you can just test whenever you like to see how your results differ with or without training. With each test you perform, your understanding of your physical capabilities should improve. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses can be a catalyst to re-program your approach to training and racing. We provide a detailed breakdown of the performance report, which provides you with the knowledge to interpret future test results. 

Why not upgrade your account to an annual subscription and receive access to our new automated training programme? The programme builder pre-selects your most recent power profile data, providing you with accurate training zones and power targets for each session.

For just £4.99 you can access our innovative power profiling software. Interested? Try it out for a month! 

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